Museu Nacional - UFRJ



Biennium 2022-2024

Head of the Department
Profa. Joana Zanol Pinheiro da Siva

Deputy Head of the Department
Prof. Alexandre Dias Pimenta

The Department of Invertebrate carries outstanding research in the field of Natural Sciences. It leads and collaborates on large national and foreign projects focusing on biodiversity inventories, on biology, conservation, ecology and evolution of target taxa, which may subsidize applied research on bioprospection, bioremediation and biomonitoring. The department has high quality scientific production and has CNPq Productivity Fellows, editors and referees of international journals among its professors.


  • To be a center of excellence on biodiversity research of marine invertebrates and arachnids, enabled to identify, describe and understand the biology, and the ecology of invertebrates species in all marine habitats, including Deep Sea fauna;

  • To train and qualify students, researchers and technicians in invertebrate taxonomy and management of scientific natural history collections;

  • To make the knowledge generated by the research accessible to the scientific community, students and the general public;

  • To steward and expand the Zoology Collections of Invertebrates.


Areas of Activity